Live Review: Peach Pit / Sun Seeker – Vicar Street, Dublin 09.05.2022

Kate Lawlor

By Kate Lawlor

Opening the first show of their European tour, Canadian Indie band Peach Pit have undeniably set the bar for what promises to be one of their most memorable tours. Hosted in Vicar Street, a departure from their last performance in the Grand Social, Peach Pit have moved from strength to strength, as is evident in their recent release From 2 to 3.

The night began with a performance from SunSeeker, their first on Irish soul. The upbeat melodies set the tone for the evening, which paired with their easy charisma and charm made a perfect compliment for Peach Pit and left the crowd longing for more. This is certainly a band worth keeping an eye on.

As Peach Pit took to the stage, the crowd within Vicar Street could likely be heard from across the city. Met with uproar, the charm of small venues never fails to impress, with the persona  and engagement of the band comparable to that of a stadium performance. This level of commitment to their audience is what makes Peach Pit such a standout act. Whether the tempo of the song remained slow and steady or bursting with guitar riffs ( and the occasional harmonica solo) Peach Pit never ceased to match the energy of their crowd, making for a stunning performance. Fan favorites such as the self-titled Peach Pit, Alrighty Aphrodite or Vickie boasted an animated reaction so strong that even a casual fan could be swept along in the joy of the crowd. This is a band that knows their audience and works hard to earn that dedication- deservingly so.

What makes Peach Pit so appealing is the certainty of their genre. Theirs is a brand of music that runs on a good hook, one that captures the nostalgia and beat of a 80’s classic while simultaneously hinting at long summer nights, love, loneliness and the equal uncertainty and lo

nging for the future. Coupled with the burgeoning hints of summer that have gradually made an appearance over the skies of Dublin over the past few weeks, this show felt like the beginning of a rebirth, welcoming bright summer days and a promise of even brighter nights to follow

With lead singer Neil Smith taking to the crowd towards the end of the night, Peach Pit undoubtedly left their impression on Vicar Street. Despite a few bumps in the road when performing Shampoo Bottle, the humor and aura of the evening only served to further endear the audience, making this perhaps their most memorable and enjoyable performance of the night. Closing the show, the band departed with a slow and soulful rendition of Tommy’s Party, leaving the audience simultaneously longing for more and yet feeling as though the concert itself had been a journey; from an upbeat energetic start to a slow, melodic yet mellow finish. Whether this was intentional, I cannot say. But one thing is for certain; if Dublin is a representation of the concerts to follow, Peach Pit looks certain to reign as one of music’s most promising alternative acts.

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