Live Review: Osees / Top Left club – Chalk Venue, Brighton 08.05.2022

Michael Hundertmark

Californian psychedelic rock, fuzz-laden sounds come to Brighton to a sold-out Chalk Venue and the dedicated fans were in for a treat!

‘Osees’ formed in California in 1997 and have over 20 albums under their belt and are renounced for their raucous chaotic live shows. The band was formally known as Thee Oh Sees, after two progressive rock albums ‘Smote Reverser’ and ‘Face Stabber’ the band changed their name to ‘Osees’ in 2020, with numerous band members over the years!

Tonight’s bill included local, shell suited and tattooed local Brighton band, ‘Top Left Club’, with their fun and raw retro punk sounds. The band recently released the album ‘Shoulders at 90’ and take on a capital ‘T’ shaped stance on stage. The influence of ‘Stiff Little Fingers meets ‘The Ramones’ can be heard all over their songs. ‘Top Left Club’ features two members from another Brighton band called ‘Skinny Milk’ featuring bass player Johnny Heart. The crunching guitars and crashing drums that got faster and faster as their set progressed to a close certainly made the crowd jump for more of this kind of catchy high energy!

Osees have been steadily releasing albums throughout the years that give variations to their hard physic garage sounds and almost with the word go had the already full of everyone at Chalk watching! Unbelievably the two drummers bash on the drums harder and harder with each song. Lead singer John Dwyer making weird percussive noises or harvesting feedback on his guitar. The tidal wave of fuzz inspired sounds erupts into a frenzied mosh pit down the middle of the venue with the odd crowd surfer!

Dwyer leads the band with an explosive set of a decade’s worth of music with every song played with boundless energy and high spirits and experimentalism that ticks all the boxes for a great show!

Osees Brighton Chalk setlist:

I come from The Mountain

The Static God

Chem-Farmer / Nite Expo

Tidal Wave

The Fizz

The Dream

If I Had My Way

Terminal Jape


The Daily Heavy

Rogue Planet

Withered Hand

Ticklish Warrior

Sticky Hulks

Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster

Encrypted Bounce


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