Boasting the sort of beats and gluey synths that most producers would prostitute themselves for, Romare has long encaptured us at Backseat Mafia with this ability to build delicious slices of disco house and 80s electro. Alongside the announcement of his largest headline show to date – he’s at Koko in London on November 11th, Romare has released a live session version of Come Close to me.

Not only does it feature Romare’s retro Mazda, but it highlights his skills as a producer as he samples and resamples and pulls enless strands of melody, synth lines and electro dots and bleeps, and throws a liberal amount of 808 claps, shards of hi hate and a towering kick bass all over it. If that doesn’t get you, the bassline (as it dodges in and out) will. It’s soaked in a 80’s VHS sheen, and doused with humour, the phone conversation at the beginning an example.

Check it out here