TRACK: Paris Youth Foundation – ‘The Back Seat’: reaching out for that old flame with stirring guitars

Paris Youth Foundation

GEARING up for a 2020 round of the festivals in which their music is readymade for cans and arms aloft, Liverpool’s Paris Youth Foundation watched the whole circuit vanish in the viral onslaught; a tough time for every band just itching to play out and commune in the musical love.

But they’ve picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and they’re firing into 2021 with “The Back Seat”, a rousing and anthemic number we will hear echoing across a summer field ere too long. We will.

The five-piece, whose name came from graffito spotted on that city’s Metro system, present a tale of lost love out in the Merseyside night that chimes with guitars and cold, boozy realisation.

Front man Kev Potter’s says: “’The Back Seat’ is an upbeat, sad song about two people getting to grips with being on their own, trying to hide their pain with drink and how drunk-calling someone and hearing their voicemail at 4am makes you feel a little less alone.

“All those messages you’ve typed out but never had the courage to send end with a sense of inevitability and the regrettable call being made in the taxi on the way home.”

We’ve all been there; it’s a universal tale that Paris Youth Foundation bring to catharsis with a righteous dose of guitars and rhythmic bounce. Thank the lord for better days ahead.

Connect with Paris Youth Foundation at their website and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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