Track: Electronic Nu-Soul Beauties Dragonfruit Share Title Track From Upcoming EP ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Dutch Neo-Soul-come-Electronic-Pop quartet Dragonfruit shine on their elegant, grooving new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’.

Employing a swing heavy, lo-fi beat, swelling synths and a beautifully rounded bass surrounded by a gentle wash of vinyl crackle, the track captures a vibrant electronic euphoria in it’s pulsing sound soundscape. Topped with infectiously catchy vocal lines and silky smooth vocal tones of lead vocalist Danique van der Vlugt, the tracks commercial edge is bought to the fore whilst adding a accessible flare to the intricate alternative electronic soundscape.

Lyrically, the track contrasts the vibrant, upbeat nature of the music with melancholic lyricism which speaks about wanting to return to the exciting, lovestruck early stages of a relationship. Speaking urther about the tracks content, the band share: “The track is about longing to return to the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of a relationship – the base on which the whole relationship is built upon, when you’ve lost it out of sight but you want to get that flair back.”

Moving through the ear-worm chorus and the rapped verses, the track reaches a jubilant climax as bright brass licks dance over the layers of vocals and synth pads, further emphasising the tracks danceability.

A brilliant effort showcasing what an accomplished set of musicians Dragonfruit are, the new single gives an exciting taste of the upcoming new EP due April 17th. Listen below:

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