Live Review: Sola – Rothe House, Kilkenny 13.11.2021

Kilkenny three piece Sola are increasingly becoming known for their exceptional 3 pieces harmonies and their folk inspired guitar playing, and this was all on evidence when the trio took to the stage at the atmospheric Rothe House this past weekend.

Opening the night with 2 tracks from their EP, you could here a pin drop throughout the gig as the crowd listened without a whisper in the Tudor kitchen of the late 16th century merchants townhouse, located in the medieval city of Kilkenny Ireland.

For their third song the girls announced they have plans to release a new single – the song Origins. It was then another original song before the girls treated the audience to a beautiful cover of I Try by The Staves, before treading a more familiar path with Coffee Cup, a song the girls said about a couple having a hard time, by the evenings falling into arguments and then going to bed only to get up in the mornings and everything feeling ok again over a cup of coffee.

Two more originals brought us to the single Forgotten Things, the song being introduced to the crowd who were then told that it was inspired by the great Sequoia tress, and a reflection on the climate crisis. The song also considers that we have forgotten how to be humble to nature and a warning to the Sequoia that harm is coming through the lyrics Run, Sequoia. Run!

As the set progressed we heard the four tracks that make up the Forgotten Things EP, before the show ended with a fantastic acappella renditions of the poem Raglan Road by Patrick Kavanagh. Made famous by many Irish artist such as Luke Kelly, Van Morrison and Sinéad O’Connor, the band did the work proud, resulting in a standing ovation.

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  1. […] Unfortunately all good things come to an end! so it was the last show in this years series of shows at Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre Kilkenny bringing an end to eight fantastic nights of outdoor music that run through out July & August in what has been described by many bands as one of, if not probably the best outdoor venue in Ireland. Ask my opinion and I’ll say it is.It fell on the shoulders of Dublin band Villagers to close things and in support were Kilkenny folk trio Sola who usually are a 3 piece but they had accompanying them another Kilkenny artist Ali Comerford on violin which brought a new demission to there folky harmonies.The ladies opening first as just the three of them and then inviting Ali to join them, the thousand seater amphitheatre was already pretty full and some that were out at the bar & food area were enticed in to their seats once they heard the ladies start to play. Which they done for slightly over 30 minutes.I reviewed a headline show of Sola’s back in November and that can be found here […]

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