Album Review: The John Street Revival – The John Street Revival

The Breakdown

A warm golden album that soothes when needed or can be a kick start to a great weekend

Americana flavoured rockers The John Street Revival have dropped their self titled album full of their laid back brand of rock. Chock full of great guitar playing, smooth sax and gorgeous vocals its perfect for a lazy afternoon when the sun is shining.

The albums kicks off with a rolling start on first track ‘Uptight’. An Americana delight of slide guitar and positive thinking. Gentle blast of a sax adds texture and warmth. The rolling Americana continues with tracks ‘Y’Know Y’Know’ with the guitars leading the way with the tumbling chords and hooks that make the track such an addictive 3 minutes.

Single ‘I’ll Be Fine’ carries on the feel good as you sink into the album a little further and the gorgeous tones. It’s a stand out track for the soaring chorus and the track’s pace is spot on. It’s the same with ‘Take A While’ which slides along on velvet vocals and catchy guitars. The tones are so warm you can’t help put fall in love with this album. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a chilled afternoon, a long drive or getting ready for an exciting weekend.

‘I’m Doing Fine’ picks things up and sees the sax dominate a little more as it takes the lead line on the intro. This is where the band really excels with a track that just melts through your speakers in thick slabs of guitar and wonderful vocal phrasing. The guitar hooks on the chorus are just perfect along with the blast of sax to bring the verses back around.

The bass led ‘One Time Around’ with its smooth sax and huge chilled vibe that’s broken as the drums drive the chorus. The band certainly can write a cracking hook or two and their knack for pulling out a chorus that lifts the track in unexpected ways is a true talent. ‘4 Out OF 5’ benefits from this talent with some superb slide guitar work and the soft vocals.

‘Slip Away’ carries a cool rock vibe which gently builds with urgent drumming that keeps the band on their toes. The track gets into its swing on the second verse that powers along into a perfect example of a less is more guitar solo where every note is required nothing too showy just fitting perfectly into the song. Pretty much like the final track ‘Why Wait’ which is late night blues killer that morphs into a full on rocker lead by glorious sax notes

A warm golden album that can soothe when needed to kick start the weekend. The band have come together to craft some gorgeous songs all the while using some glorious tones and just the right amount of musicianship to make each track shine. Every note and every instrument is perfectly arranged to make each track and therefore the album better.

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