Album Review: LA Guns – Renegades

Renegades is the brand new album from L.A. Guns, out on Friday, 13 November, 2020, through Golden Robot Records.

Not to get bogged down in the line ups and who is the real LA Guns, this album features drummer Steve Riley and bassist Kelly Nickels form the classic line up along with former Ratt bassist Scott Griffin on lead six-string duties with vocalist / rhythm guitarist Kurt Frolich.

The album starts as we all hope it would. ‘Crawl’ kicks things off in pure dirty rock n’ roll style and is a statement for what the band stand for. Grooved up riff and tasty lead work from Griffin but its Frohlich that makes this track with his sneering vocals.

The first part of the album with ‘Why Ask Why’ and ‘Well Oiled Machine’ continues in the same vein. ‘Well Oiled Machine’ thunders along sounding like a classic rock track already. The music is built on riffs and with ‘Why ask why’ the band have a cracking opening riff before it blends into a thumbing verse with Griffin adding little flourishes to colour the tracks.

‘Lost boys’ takes a more relaxed approach with chunky chord intro fading into a suspense filled verse where Frolich embodies a Rock God, as he takes on the lost boy persona. Griffin is not to be out done though as he let rips for a tasty solo. This is track where he boys really shine.

Half way through and we welcome the first acoustic number ready for the phone waving. Big group chorus and Griffin stretching some blues chops all over. Second acoustic track ‘Would’ wouldn’t look out of place on Weller album with its summery laid back vibes

The hard rock quickly returns with one hell of a catchy opening riff for ‘Witchcraft’ that just picks up and runs away into a cracking rock track.The band keep the killer tracks coming with ‘All That You Are’. A highlight of this album with its Bon Jovi chorus all based on some epic rock drumming from Riley.

Another highlight comes in the form of the title track ‘Rengades’. A track that bubbles and simmers with another great performance from Frohlich on this great rock track.

Album closer ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ is pure LA rock with its groovy riff, chugging bass and Griffin once again playing out of his skin. Perfect track to close an album of solid rock anthems.

Whatever the line up, if there was a band synonymous with the infamous Sunset Strip it is L.A. Guns. Born into a scene that will never be replicated, L.A. Guns rode alongside Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Ratt, Poison, Quiet Riot and co. in one of the biggest movements in music history. L.A. Guns are without a doubt Hollywood rock royalty.

This album is like a time warp that transports you back to that scene. The album has very minimal production and the tracks sound raw and immediate with superb performances. Forget about the name, who cares when four great musicians get together and create an album full of solid tracks with a few outstanding numbers to make this an album that any rock fan will appreciate.

01. Crawl 
02. Why Ask Why
03. Well Oiled Machine
04. Lost Boys
05. You Can’t Walk Away
06. Witchcraft
07. All That You Are
08. Would
09. Renegades
10. Don’t Wanna Know

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Have a listen to track ‘ All That You Are’, below:

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

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