News: Marlhy Returns With Tongue-in-Cheek ‘Young And Naive’

Unafraid and always forthright, multi-instrumentalist Marlhy has made a bold comeback with her latest single, ‘Young And Naive’. 

A tongue-in-cheek anthem challenging stereotypes about today’s youth while showcasing Marlhy’s signature blend of honesty, vulnerability, and musical prowess the track shines bright. 

As a prolific drummer and seasoned singer-songwriter, Marlhy seamlessly integrates her talents into every aspect of her music, from performance to production. ‘Young And Naive’ sees Marlhy continuing to push boundaries, both musically and thematically, solidifying her status as a forward-thinking artist in today’s music scene.

In an era where instant success often overshadows genuine artistry, Marlhy remains true to herself, delivering music that resonates with listeners on a deeper level. Through her collaborations with artists such as Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens), Duke & Jones, NGHTMRE, and Virtual Riot, Marlhy has carved out a unique space in the industry, earning recognition from fans and critics alike.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Young And Naive’, Marlhy dives into the complexities of youth. She explains, “When you’re young, a lot of people assume you don’t know anything, or if you’re successful you’re just spending your parents’ money. The truth is, a lot of people my age are becoming more introspective and hyper aware, and it’s confusing and difficult to figure out what to do and who to be when studies show your brain isn’t even fully developed until you are 25. It’s hard to figure out who you want to be when everyone else already seems to have decided that for you, so this song is a way of giving into that and embracing that idea and enjoying the feeling of being oblivious.”

A standout element of the track is the playful addition of the kazoo, which perfectly complements Marlhy’s whimsical approach to songwriting. Drawing from her experiences interacting with fans on Twitch streams, Marlhy incorporates the kazoo as a symbol of youthful exuberance and creativity.

With an impressive track record that includes multiple features on Spotify’s editorial playlists and collaborations with top-tier artists, Marlhy continues to defy expectations. ‘Young And Naive’ captures the essence of Marlhy’s artistry, inviting listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through playful lyrics and infectious melodies.

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