Track & News: Alfie Templeman Releases Latest Single ‘Radiosoul’ Ahead of Newly Announced Upcoming Album + Record Store Show Dates

Alfie Templeman, the prodigious British musician and singer-songwriter, is making waves in the indie-pop scene once again with the announcement of his highly anticipated second album, ‘Radiosoul‘, scheduled for release on June 7th, and the newly released title track. Hailing from Bedfordshire, Templeman has earned acclaim for his versatile style, deftly fusing elements of pop, funk, and various other influences.

The heart of ‘Radiosoul’ lies in its audacious collection of tracks, marking a distinct shift towards acid-pop for the young and versatile artist. This album promises to take listeners on a captivating journey of self-discovery, effortlessly traversing between genres and unveiling Templeman’s sharpened lyricism. The result is set to be a harmonious blend of diverse influences, creating a unique and immersive listening experience for fans, both old and new.

At the forefront of this odyssey is the newly released title track, ‘Radiosoul‘, a testament to Templeman’s prowess as a contemporary songwriter. The track seamlessly blends psychedelia, soul, and indie influences, crafting a captivating soundscape that offers an immersive escape. If the title track is any indication, the album is poised to be an absolute treat for us all.

‘Radiosoul’ also carries a deeper message that delves into the profound impact of social media. Templeman uses the song to encourage acceptance of human imperfections in a world where concealing flaws has become the norm. Through ‘Radiosoul’, he delivers a gentle reminder to detach from the digital noise of our phones, providing a breath of fresh air and relief in the process.

Adding to the allure of the album are the production contributions from a stellar lineup of talents, including Nile Rodgers, Dan Carey, Karma Kid, Oscar Scheller, Will Bloomfield, Justin Young, Josh Scarbrow, and Charlie J Perry. Their collective expertise promises to elevate ‘Radiosoul’ to new heights, ensuring an experience that is both captivating and innovative.

The announcement of ‘Radiosoul’ and the release of the title track mark a significant milestone in Templeman’s career. With its daring blend of genres, insightful lyricism, and collaborative production, ‘Radiosoul’ is poised to captivate audiences everywhere. In celebration of the release, Alfie will also be performing a series of intimate record store shows (tickets here).

6 JUN – Esquires, Bedford
7 JUN – Pryzm, Banquet, Kingston
8 JUN – Assai Records, Glasgow
9 JUN – Rough Trade, Liverpool
10 JUN – Rough Trade, Bristol
11 JUN – Rough Trade, Nottingham
12 JUN – Rough Trade, London

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