Premiere: Balue – Mind I had

we’re delighted to premiere the new single ‘Mind I Had’ from New Mexico lo-fi bedroom pop project Balue, the project of Eli Thomas. It’s the second single to be taken from his upcoming full length album ‘Suburban Blues’, which is out on August 23rd via Lunar Ruins.

Recorded entirely by Eli at night, it has this wandering, almost psychedelic feel about it as the guitars and synth sound bleed into each other and the innocence in the lyrics are matched by the melodies, which just seem to stick the,selves to you. About the song, Eli says “The inspiration behind this one came from watching my son, Auggie, play. He was just learning how to walk and I remember watching him play and explore, and I had this flash of slight jealousy just thinking about how great he has it… not a care in the world. His mind is so pure and unaffected by anxiety, fear, doubt or even the construct of time. He just lives and plays in the moment. The line “Pretending to be a man” came out of watching him trying to wear my shoes around the house and be like me. Overall this is a tune about longing for a return to a childlike mindset that hasn’t been dirtied by the world yet.”

Check it out, here

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  1. August 13, 2019

    Really, really cool.
    Thanks Jim

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