Tracks: Picture Atlantic – Billy Banker

San Francisco quartet Picture Atlantic have released their new single Billy Banker, the second single taken from their forthcoming new album, Assouf. The song itself is described by singer/guitarist Nikolaus Bartunek as being “…the satirical archetype for all the young A&R and label reps we’d meet or had met in the past. It’s not so much about one person we’ve met, but rather it represents a lot of young people who want to be these Steve Jobs-type hot shots in the music industry. It’s like I wrote a music industry slasher flick concept script in song form. I can almost imagine a group of young musicians being chased around a lakeside camping spot by a machete-wielding A&R rep with a hockey mask.”

At just less than two minutes, its a fast, rocky (you see what I did there, right?) blast of alt rock, as if the a rocket powered Manic Street Preachers had been blessed with a bit more sun. Throw in some wiry guitar work, splashy cymbals and a killer chorus, and Picture Atlantic are onto something.

The band will celebrate this single’s release at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on August 26th.

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