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I’ve got to thank Half Loon this morning. I was up early, very early for a Saturday because I’ve got to go up to Scotland. It was dark and cold, and I could barely drag myself out of my bed when the aloff went off. I was barely dressed when my lift arrived. So it’s only now, that I’m sat on the coach that will be my home for the next 6-7 hours, that I can relax, and its Half Loon are making this possible.

Swearword is the debut single of the four piece. Frontman Daniel Pickard started out as a solo artists, touring and performing with the likes of The La’s Lee Mavers, Carl Barat and Kyle Falconer (The View). Now though, he’s roped in some help in the form of guitarist Nick D’Amico, bassist Simeon Cunningham and Charlie Heaton on drums.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Syd Barrett and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Swearword is this warm and hazy slice of indie psych. It’s loaded with a wash of guitars and Pickards trippy vocal, but most of all with this tune that sounds new yet familiar, simple yet brilliant. The accompanying video is similarly vague and trippy, and its nothing mo than the track needs, or deserves.

So far this morning. I’ve had plenty of swear words in mind, with the early start and the cold and dark. Funnily enough, its the warm, late summer sounds of the track with the same name that’s making them disappear.

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