News: Rocket Pengwin releases debut album “Polar Opposites”

The Breakdown


Rocket Pengwin isn’t a band, rather the creation of New York’s Multi-hyphenate singer, songwriter, and visual artist Eddie Sears.

Today sees the release of his debut album “Polar Opposites”, a clever wordplay comparing and contrasting New York with Antarctica. Let Eddie describe it in his own words…As the story goes, the Penguin is from Antarctica – the place on Earth least interfered with by humans. New York City couldn’t be more of a contrast. By bringing the ‘Pengwin’ to life in the real world, I created an outlet to express how I felt in life and love, but also in a more literal way that would challenge fans and passersby alike to think about what it means to find a sense of place. Whilst the whole concept can be existential – man vs. nature, imagination vs. reality, I wanted to ground Rocket Pengwin by exploring real topics that anyone can relate to – what does it take to stand out in a crowd? Is that even important? Do we actually all stand out in our own, unique ways? How do relationships even work – whether they are amongst each other, our significant others, with the city we live in or even with ourselves? 

Thought provoking stuff, but what does this sound like spread across 13 tracks? Well for all the hype and bluster it’s a solid collection of emo-pop punk tunes, in the vein of recent Blink-182 or Reggie & The Full Effect. Don’t expect full on agit-punk like Anti-Flag, despite the subject matters being explored. I’m sure the teen market will ensure that he’s filling arena shows before too long, but it’s all a bit too sweet for my palette. Also, a strange thing to my mind to include, not one but two cover versions on your debut LP, Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” and Miley Cyrus’s “Jaded”. You can hear several tracks for yourself by clicking on the links below.

Polar Opposites
Central Park
Save Me
What It Seems
Say It Loud
What’s The Point? (I Care)
Don’t Hate

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