CHRISTOPHER DEVINE has been a-shakin’ and a-movin’ on the Glasgow music scene for a fair old while now, as part of Dutch Wine and Stock Manager; but he’s changed costumes once more over in a Sauchiehall Street phone box to re-emerge as Western Column, with a very fine diffusion line in proper shoegaze pop like they used to make, back when Creation was the hottest creative guitar force in the country.

Come hither, my friends, bathe yourself in his second single, “Hear Not Say”, out today on Negative Hope Records.

The guitars stack and layer and chime, and it pulses on and up with a hazy melodicism, putting your humble pen-wielder very much in mind of the airy pop greatness of Ride circa “Twisterella”, which, well, every thumb upwards in the coliseum of music.

It follows his debut single, “Golde”, itself certainly no shirker in the field of dreamy, hazy guitar pop.

“Having only been the third song I’ve entirely written myself, I feel like I’m still finding my feet and trying different things to see what sticks,” says Christopher.

“This track was a good bit of fun trying out ideas and more than anything it was a really good learning experience.”

One to keep an eye on, this chap. He knows that guitar pop is still a great thing.

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