Track: Sinkane – Everything is Everything (Feat Tru Osborne)

Chloe Morales

Sudanese-American musician Sinkane has shared his new single ‘Everything is Everything’ via City Slang. This will be his first new track since the release of his album ‘Dépaysé’ back in 2019.

Written and composed by bandleader Ahmed Gallab, and featuring Harlem-based multi-disciplinary artist Tru Osborne, “Everything is Everything” is an acute reflection of life as a Black person in America. Sinkane opens the jazzy ballad

“We’re here again / Ain’t nobody listenin’… Y’all only know our names from hashtags” before taking a hopeful turn; “The tides of change / Serve great purpose in our every day / My people, we will find our way.” Sinkane makes thought provoking yet crowd-moving music that demands to be celebrated and enjoyed live. The new single follows on the heels of a sold-out, three night residency at Public Records in Brooklyn.” 
“The complexity of living in a Black body has long been documented, yet tapping into our pain to testify, curb further abuses for the next generation, or simply explain ourselves is exhausting,” says Gallab about the meaning behind “Everything Is Everything.” “We get through it by wearing masks the entertainer, pacifier, comforter. Being adept at reading rooms and choosing which one to wear is one of our many superpowers; one we’ve elevated to an art. But, behind all of the eloquence and the adaptation, we’re bursting at the seams, holding tightly onto our humanity in a world that challenges it on a daily basis. Ain’t that some shit?”

A full on engaging symphony of funky classic Motown sounds topped with sublime vocals that seize you with their intensity. Osbornes voice starts as a sea of calm within the big noise generated by the band before he erupts with a passionate emotive power force along with swirling strings and pleading backing vocals. Captivating in every way.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Sinkane’s Website or Facebook

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