Taken from the acclaimed ‘Get To Heaven’ album by Manchester quartet Everything Everything comes a new single, the third taken from it, in the shape of Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread. Produced by singer Jonathan Higgs, he says about the new video the band have released to accompany it “The song talks about seasons passing and getting older, so we wanted to concentrate on the Sun and make it into a kind of oppressive force – positive and life-giving but also burning and destructive. We used Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red cameras to get a look at the sun damage on our skin, and give everything an alien look. We shot in a quarry so we could have a clear horizon and a dry, hot, desert scene. Most of the sun effects were completed afterwards because we picked a rainy day to shoot, though we did spray everything silver in order to get some good light reflections and add to the heatproof/astronaut feel.”

The track itself is another object lesson in layered prog-pop. There’s patterns laid down by the bass and synths, before it develops over the course of the chorus, Higgs’ distinctive falsetto laying down something that’s both interesting and memorable. Like any good piece of art, there’s more to discover on multiple listens. And this, very much, is art.

Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread is out via RCA on September 4th.