Saharas Announce Their Latest Single, Shake My Fever

Announcing their latest single entitled Shake My Fever, are Windsor alt-rock four piece Saharas, which is due for release August 31st! If you heard their last offering, Sweat, then things are sounding a little different this time around- though this track still allows the band’s trademark soothing melodies to manifest.

Shake My Fever has a more spacious, dreamlike sound, in place of what were harder driving riffs and synth elements in Sweat. Whilst still abundantly upbeat at its core, it’s just slightly subtler and a little more complex than its predecessor. Shake My Fever is not a complete overhaul in sound, but it definitely makes for a more mature and unique sound; it’s a definitively more laid-back, airy vibe that feels like it runs deeper than just this one release, and overarchingly feels like a band more comfortable with themselves and their sound.

This is a brave move from Saharas; deciding to change up their sound after receiving high praise from the likes of BBC Introducing, BBC Berskshire and Amazing Radio, as well as a premier from Killing Moon. However the results prove that difficult choices sometimes spur the best work, and Saharas have definitely justified their choice with what they’ve produced on Shake My Fever.

Shake My Fever is out August 31st!

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