Track: ISLE – Faults

Promo image of ISLE band for Faults single

ISLE provide the soundtrack for celebrating our mistakes with euphoric new single ‘Faults’.

ISLE are Liam John Rutherford and Ben Singer – a duo based in the Scottish Borders with a DIY ethic that sees them producing their artwork and videos as well as epic, but intimate sounding, electro-pop.

‘Faults’ (out now) has an air of melancholy flowing through it, which isn’t surprising as the song is about giving yourself permission to make mistakes. The uplifting synths and reverberation of the energetic, almost tribal, beats reflect the recognition and recovery from errors – like the warmth and relief of a consoling hug from a friend.

It’s rhythmic and catchy pop that commiserates and celebrates – “I’m gonna stay foolish, hungry and clueless”.

In ‘Faults’ ISLE have created the perfect track to dance to when you feel like the cracks are appearing. We all have our faults, but ISLE have proved they can produce faultless pop.

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