Epitaph is the first track taking from the debut release by a new band from Sweden called GÅS. The release is a two track 7″ ‘Epitaph’ and ‘The North Wind Blew South’

Trippy psyche rock with guitars dripping in wah-wah, there’s a definite British 60/70s influence going on here. Twin lead guitars trade off in a lengthy solo that anything but boring. The whole track has a hypnotic vibe that begs to be listened through a set of headphones with a valved system.

Check it out, here

The single can be preordered on ltd Black/Clear Splatter vinyl (Ltd 100 copies) and Yellow vinyl with a free badge (Ltd 100 copies). A further 200 copies of yellow vinyl will make their way to your local record shops.

Pre order the 7″ here