Track: Devilz By Definition – Peace By Piece

Canadian band Devilz by Definition are set to drop a new EP ‘The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption’. The initial tease from this release is the single ‘Peace by Piece’, a four and a half minute, groove-heavy track that boasts thrashy licks and catchy lyrics.

The band prides itself on bringing forth a message or sense of morality in their music, evident in the single, which relates to mental health awareness. The band explains it in their own words:

“This EP represents the world we live in and the changes that are tearing us apart as individuals and as a race. It is also about the unity that music brings into this darkness. The premise of the single is that the pieces of ourselves that sometimes get lost along the way and the effort of putting them back together Peace by Piece. In essence, life is a puzzle and we are all the pieces”

This is the sound of a band on fire and in one hell of a groove. Rolling drums, energetic guitars and vocals delivered in a deep growl, is sometimes all you need. Especially when they are put together in such a fine package as this track is. A hard hitting track both lyrically and musically.

Check it out here

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