Track: The Wedding Present – Once More

National treasure and certainly in the running for greatest living songwriter (in our view) and greatest living Englishman, David Gedge formed the glorious Wedding Present in the early 1980s.

The bands second single, Once More was originally released on the bands own Reception Records in 1985, and appeared on the brilliant early compilation ‘Tommy 1985-1987’. It’s a frankly glorious slice of Weddos indie pop, full of melancholy in the melody while underneath, guitars chime and scrub and generally make, as with all these early singles, one of the most likeable rackets in pop.

As part of their brilliant Optic Sevens 2.0 series, Optic Nerve have reissued the single, with ‘At the edge of the Sea’ on the flip, and stuck in a poster and a postcard alongside the vinyl, which is a beautiful white.

It’s out now, go get it from Optic Nerve, and check it out, below – if any proof were needed.

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