News: THE CHAH Releases Sophomore Album ‘Something Stolen’

The latest album from soul songstress THE CHAH, titled ‘Something Stolen’, delves into the theme of loss, reflecting on stolen moments, memories, places, and people. Through its lyrics and melodies, the album aims to inspire positivity in the face of sadness and encourage listeners to re-evaluate life, cherish good times, and keep moving forward.

The album’s title, ‘Something Stolen’, is derived from the songwriter’s personal journey of experiencing loss in various forms, such as broken relationships, unbalanced health, and family. The songs on the album express a whirlwind of emotions and observations through a blend of R&B, Neo-Soul, contemporary pop, and dance music.

The music on the album is characterized by unique chord structures, sing-along lyrics, and a fresh energy that inspires both dancing and emotional release. The album was created with pure love and gratitude, and it offers listeners an opportunity to reflect, let go, and embrace life’s journey.

Listen below:

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