Track: Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys release the delicious track ‘Honey’ and announce gigs

The bleached-white dry hot heat of Western Australia positively shines though the new track ‘Honey’ by Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys. There is a languid liquidity to singer Claudia Joy’s delicate vocals: an expressive and personal look at life written as winter (if you can call it that in Western Australia) approached earlier this year.

The result is a warm and immersive track that glows with a sparkling bounce yet is imbued with a sense of regret and wistful memories of summers past.

According to Joy, the track was written:

…in the dust ridden caravan lodged in (my) backyard, just about held together by the asbestos tiles and peeling led paint. The song about summer came just as winter encroached, and was written as a nostalgic collage collecting the last 20 summers that have past…it’s an indie pop ballad that sings of the memorable moments that come with the summer air and the golden light that touches the roads as the sun sets.

There is a frank and open eloquence that captures the indolence and fugue of long hot summer days and the rosy tint the present can shine on the past:

It is lovely, beautifully expressed music that has the wit and melodic dexterity of fellow artists like Courtney Barnett and Mallrat and has a freshness and vibrancy that delights. You can get the track through the link above.

The band will be playing live to launch the single on 19 November 2020 in Fremantle – full details here.

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