News: Moses Mikheyev Unveils Upbeat New Single ‘Whatever You Want (Keeping The Neighbours Awake)’

Moses Mikheyev, an alternative rock, pop, and folk artist hailing from Los Angeles, is known for his genre-bending music that spans across indie, folk, pop, progressive rock, hard rock, cinematic rock, shoegaze, and hauntology. Now, he is back with his latest offering ‘Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)’, a lively pop-rock anthem that highlights a playful side to Mikheyev’s sound.

Speaking about the new single, Mikheyev stated, “It’s a fun, upbeat song perfect for parties, dancing, and road-trips. We wanted to write something that makes people dance, move, and just be happy.”

This new release comes as a precursor to Mikheyev’s debut album, ‘I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You’, which is slated to release in the fall of 2023. The album is set to feature extensive use of analog equipment, with intentionally low-fi production and the use of tape machines. The album is being produced by the talented duo of Brandon Zano (from the rock band Zaano) and David Gavrishov, and is sure to showcase Mikheyev’s artistry in a whole new light.

Listen below:

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