News: CRYPT CRAWLER to release new album on vinyl thru BITTER LOSS

Today, Bitter Loss Records announces August 6th as the international release date for Crypt Crawler‘s highly anticipated second album, Future Usurper, on vinyl LP format.

Western Australian Death Metal! Crypt Crawler pull old-school death metal vibes and traditional tones together with a modern approach. They write well-crafted death metal with intelligent concepts and themes within their lyrics. It’s a brutal, dirty, and grimy blend of elements reaching into the most primal corners of a death metal fan’s blackened soul.

Crypt Crawler formed in 2018, where they self-produced & released their debut album, To the Grave, in 2019. With a successful album launch, Crypt Crawler have been able to create a name for themselves in the Perth metal scene.

The cursed year of 2020 saw Crypt Crawler expand their discography with the Blood Sustenance EP. Written during the recording of To the Grave, the EP showcases some alternative material to the band’s established sound, with particular inspiration from Swedish death metal.

Now, 2021 will see Crypt Crawler launch to new heights with their forthcoming second full-length, Future Usurper. Again self-released on CD, Future Usurper proves that Crypt Crawler are a stellar example of a hard-working DIY band who are dedicated and strive to project themselves on a global scale. Allied with Bitter Loss for the album’s vinyl release, Future Usurper will surely see Crypt Crawler scale those heights – and depths, of DEATH!

Lurk within those depths with the brand-new video for the title track “Future Usurper” below:

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Crypt Crawler’s Future Usurper
1. The Mouth of Death
2. Future Usurper
3. Force Fed to the Dead
4. Delirium
5. Inherent Complexion
6. Choir of Reprieve
7. The Avaricious Ones
8. Horrors of Humanity
9. The Illusion We’re Under
10. Once Shadow, Now Flesh


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