See: Dave + Sam reveal new video for ‘Til The World Blow Up’

Taken from the album No Shade, (Classic Music Company) which we were hugely taken with upon its release back in March, Dave + Sam have returned with a new video for the track ‘Til The World Blow Up’ featuring Mike Dunn.

With a mission to create music and visual art that challenges the status quo, the new video is a stark reminder of the world we live in today, post George Floyd. As Dave says “While the initial recording of Til the World Blow Up was a reaction to the institutional and systemic violence proposed by fascist movements such as Make America Great Again and Brexit, its visual is the result of those ideas realized. Amid civil unrest following the unlawful murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many other Black lives turned hashtags at the hands of the police; the global economy has also been rocked by a health pandemic of historic proportion, all of which has brought upon significant societal change. Though fear, mourning, and financial woes mount, our creativity and expressions of solidarity have shone brightly via social media and connected the world — perhaps more so than ever. If Hip Hop was historically seen as the CNN of marginalized communities, House was certainly the heartbeat. Through director Blake Symphony’s take on that metaphor and the Chicago-centered collaboration of Dave + Sam & Mike Dunn — we plan to keep that same energy.”

It’s a bubbling house future classic, with popping, restrained pads, and just enough acid in there to keep you excited as the bassline stutters and the synths squeeze these chords out. On the visuals, it’s thought provoking stuff.

Check it out, here

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