Premiere: Nature TV Share Behind The Scenes Video Documentary For The Track ‘Illusions’

“Earlier this year we travelled over to Wales to record our Mid Flight EP and were lucky enough to have our good friend, Irene, come along and film the process. Ire managed to capture the busy, stressful few days of recording ‘Illusions’, and turn it into a very lovely film. We’re super proud of it, so hope you enjoy.”

Brighton quartet Nature TV share an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary video capturing their time in Wales recording the single ‘Illusions’. We’re thrilled to premiere it!

Fresh off multiple performances at The Great Escape, Nature TV’s new short documentary (featuring Guy – guitar & vocals, Josh (Turkey) – bass, Zal – drums, and James – lead guitar & backing vocals) reveals the band’s creative process and the tight bond between its members.

The documentary highlights the band’s radiant characters, charisma, and undeniable camaraderie. With a light, indie-film feel, it sheds new light on the track by exploring the writing and recording process, interspersed with live performances. The 30-minute mini-film beautifully portrays the band, sharing tour stories and referring to the song as ‘Cha Cha Cha’ with a playful, tongue-in-cheek spirit.

Fun, artistic, and endearing, the video further solidifies the band’s joyful aura.

The band and video director Ire share their thoughts on the documentary:

James: “I love watching the documentary back. Without sounding too deep, this is my favourite memory I have from the band so far. Illusions is also my fav song we’ve done. Ire has done an amazing job at capturing the vibe, and making it into a beautiful, cosy film. It feels like something special, having this to look back on.”

Ire: “When we left Brighton, there were a few things we didn’t know: I didn’t know how to make a documentary. We didn’t know we could arrive in Wales with the sun shining, and wake up the morning after with heavy snow. We didn’t know that our entire soundtrack for four days would be just one song. And we didn’t even know the title of the song!

We were recording, filming, and breathing ‘Cha Cha Cha’ for a good 10 hours every day, and then I was editing it for the following few months – and somehow I never got bored of it! I still laugh when I watch it back now. It’s hard to consider it a job when you’re literally doing what you love and hanging out with your mates.”

Turkey: “We recorded a track we’re incredibly proud of, in a setting that was unforgettable, but the greatest part was having it documented in the most beautiful way. Overwhelming goosebumps were felt when we first watched it back… Our incredible videographer Irene turned what was a lovely experience into something truly magical.”

Zal: “Ire did an amazing job with this, it feels like Spinal Tap for us sensitive weirdos.”

Guy: “The documentary is something that I’m so happy exists. It was an amazing experience, to go and record ‘Illusions’ in a snow-covered Wales was particularly beautiful. Irene caught so many great moments and turned it into a real memory palace for us. We’re so proud of the song and feel so lucky it’s all been documented in such a beautiful way.”

Watch below:

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