News: Tel Aviv’s Yali Blank Returns with Electrifying New Single ‘Magnetized’

Tel Aviv-based singer and producer Yael Blankstein, known by her stage name Yali Blank, has made a triumphant return with the release of her latest single, ‘Magnetized’. This track is a masterful blend of infectious atmospheres and experimental electronic sound design. With pulsating synth chords, pumping drums, and attention-grabbing rhythms, ‘Magnetized’ creates a lush, smooth, and energizing soundscape that captivates from the first note.

Yali’s vocal performance on ‘Magnetized’ is both contemplative and electrifying. Her lyricism is laced with a natural romantic flow, and she expertly controls the track to deliver memorable melodies. In her own words, Yali explains, “Magnetized talks about the feeling of being lost yet fearless. It’s a personal story translated into beats and melodies. I want listeners to step into a world where being lost isn’t scary, but this exciting experience that pulls you toward the freeing feeling of uncertainty.”

The single is accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by ‘Nothing’s Personal’. The video seamlessly fuses the worlds of fashion and contemporary art, featuring avant-garde costumes and captivating set designs. This sensory journey beautifully complements the sonic experience of ‘Magnetized’, enhancing the overall impact of the release.

Yali Blank’s unique artistic vision shines through in ‘Magnetized’, bolstered by the songwriting talent of Jon Steiner and the production expertise of Michael Kushitz. Together, they offer a fresh perspective on electronic pop music that is both innovative and accessible.

Yali’s impressive career includes writing, composing, producing, and performing music for leading brands, advertisements, and media stations, including Netflix programs. Her personal story is equally compelling; as a childhood bone cancer survivor, Yali draws experience and inspiration from her battle with the disease. Despite her permanent disability affecting her mobility, her energy on stage is boundless. Strength, ambition, focus, and self-esteem define her fight, leaving no room for disability to dominate her life or her musical vision.

With ‘Magnetized’, Yali Blank not only delivers a powerful musical statement but also reaffirms her position as a bold and innovative force in the electronic pop music scene.

Listen below:

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