Track: Sydney’s Postcards From Pluto demand to know ‘What Do You Wear’ with an effervescent indie swagger.

New kids on the block, Sydney band Postcards From Pluto sparkle with a sprightly effervescence in their second ever single ‘What Do You Wear’. Imbued with a detectable and delectable Brit Pop bounce with just a hint of Pulp or The Arctic Monkeys with their keenly expressed lyrical eloquence, this band has a brilliant swagger and presence that belies their age.

The raw guitars tumble into a driving beat with arch, knowing vocals laced by an acerbic sting, augmented by complex harmonies and layers. It has a glam rock burnish and an exciting colour. Singer Logan Atlas Kilbey apparently started writing music during lockdown after becoming frustrated attempting to learn David Bowie songs. Since then he has written over 70 tracks, so this is the start of a very enticing journey:

‘What Do You Wear’ is out now and available to stream through the link above and here.

The band consists of Kilbey, guitarist Will Palmer, bassist Kai ‘Smitty’ Holland and drummer Josh Blythe. Songwriting prolificacy and a mastery of melody and lyrics? Maybe Kilbey has some familiar familial connections that will go unnamed, but this is something unique and very special.

You can catch them live on Saturday, 10 August in Sydney – details and tickets here.

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