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...a wealth of sonic exploration ...

Daniel Scheffels has established himself as a drummer, composer and producer in various formations and genres. As a drummer, he has played with K.I.Z., Tarek K.I.Z., Ralph Heidel, Simon Popp and Enji, among others. As a composer, he has already written for his own sextet (contemporary jazz) and as a producer, he has worked with Enik, Beifer and Monojo, among others. He received piano lessons from his parents as a child and also tried his hand at other instruments such as guitar and drums at an early age. Later, during his studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Scheffels worked a lot on music production, composition and other instruments in addition to his main subject of percussion. For his album ”hi’, Dani Scheffels was now composing, playing and producing experimental (jazz influenced) electronic music on his own for the first time.

The Album ‘hi‘ is an invitation by Dani Scheffels to explore different emotions while listening to his instrumental music. In his debut album, the munich-based multi-instrumentalist presents music, that is influenced by both his background as an accomplished drummer as well as his love for modern and experimental electronic music. There is no rule in his writing except one: no lyrics. This way everyone can tie the emotional music to their own experiences best. Each track has its very own atmosphere and idea.

Verdict: A multifaceted album, comprising of a wealth of sonic exploration guided along by skillful percussion and piano. The emotions purveyed throughout the pieces, range from moments of high intensity to relaxed heavenly bliss, going from disorientation and confusion to euphoric clarity. Wonderfully orchestrated throughout, there is a natural unstilted flow to the work, with the combination of electronic and traditional instruments working harmoniously together in the arrangements. If you allow yourself to be immersed by the music of ‘Daniel Scheffels‘s ‘hi’ you will experience a myriad of visceral emotions, which is a wonderful accomplishment in itself and testament to the intention of the artist.

Track List:

01 hi
02 this feat. Amelie Scheffels
03 slick dancer
04 did what
05 already happened
06 finally feat. Ralph Heidel
07 before it was
08 too late
09 see
10 you

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