Track: Nature TV return with the hazy beauty of new single Frida

Ahead of the release of their new EP Mid Flight, Brighton quartet Nature TV have released a new single, Frida, out now via Heist or Hit.

Of the Single, singer and co-songwriter Guy Bangham says “‘Frida’ is about those people who keep you awake at night, but absolutely wouldn’t be right for you. In most cases, you both come to realise that in time. Sometimes you’ll make a move, but more often they’ll be thought of as the one that got away. It can be better to never act, but leave them up on a pedestal. Fantasy, nine times out of 10, is better than reality.”

If you require a large dose of that hazy, summery indie/yacht rock, where organs shimmer and guitars gently noodle over warm harmonies and a tune that luxuriates over your ears, then this is the thing for you. Check it out below – you’re welcome.

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