See: Django Django release video for forthcoming album title track ‘Glowing in the Dark’

credit: Horacio Bolz

Indie royalty Django Django have announced their new album Glowing in the Dark, is out on February 12th 2021 on Because Music, and ahead of it they’ve released the title track as a single, with an accompanying video directed by NYC artist and illustrator Braulio Amadio.

Built on this edgy synth line and dancefloor ready drum beat, Glowing in the Dark sees the band in day-glo electro-indie mode, with earworm lyrics and immediately loveable melodies. It’s glorious and fun and brilliant.

The video, made in London and directly by Amadio, Vincent Neff says of the process “He gave me some loose directions of what he wanted me to do via email. Then me and my brother in law got a tripod, my phone and a speaker and went to a deserted industrial estate around the back of my house and shot a bunch of stuff then turned the footage over to Braulio. We love what he’s done with it and how the energy and vibe of the visuals really lock with the track”, while Amadio says “I didn’t want to be literal and do something *glowing in the dark*, so in my head the video is somewhat an abstract representation of the song title without being too obvious. I wanted it to feel organic, I wanted to feel trippy, vibrant and colorful. This was done during the pandemic, with Vinny shooting himself on a greenscreen at home with his iphone, so I just wanted to take him out of the weird world and time we are all living through right now and transport him to a more fun place far away from here.

 Check it out, here

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