EP: Young Peculiar – Young Peculiar EP

We’re not anything here at Backseat Mafia, if not adventurous. It’s not quite three months since we started and already we’ve done things about Jazz, Funk, Indie, Post-Rock Classical and Metal music. I have come to the conclusion that if you search hard enough you’ll find good in everything eventually. And we’re all different, right? So one persons good might not be another. So when the Young Heavy appeared on our radar, describing themselves as having an ‘eclectic rock-funk-folk-jazz sound coupled with killer vocals, emotive lyrics and a penchant for quirky covers’, then you have to investigate. So I did.

Their debut EP came out in August last year (in my defence, before I starting this all-consuming blog, as it is now) and kick off with Red and Gold and straight away, there’s this mish-mash of styles (and I mean that in a good way) all drawn together into something that is well, unique. its difficult even to explain, with folk style vocals, over an acoustic guitar, with the bass and drums of a funk band, all enhanced with a splash of Red Hot Chili Peppers for good measure.

The song itself bores itself into your consciousness, leading to (what some might consider unnecessary) head-nodding along by the end. Way with words, the second track on the Ep, opens with some intricate work on the acoustic guitar before the song flowers into quite an emotional number, the whole thing being a little reminiscent of (check this old school reference) 10,000 maniacs. And believe me, that is a compliment.

The sparse arrangement seems to add to the heartfelt lyricism of the vocals. ‘I think I’m free but i still believe’ the band sing to close. Sort of sums it up. This short EP concludes with Chemical Comedienne, which sees more attitude in the vocals at the beginning, and once again, an infectious slice of pop-funk (I think that’s what I’ve settled on, for now) and its easy to see from this, why the Yorkshire Times had this as it’s No.1 Ep of 2012. Again, the lyrics have a certain downcast quality about them ‘I feel so alone today ….we were never meant to be’ she sings, and even for a hard-faced man like me, I sort of feel for her.

Young Peculiar are a band to keep a close eye on. Go get the EP and it’ll wet your appetite for hopefully more to come in 2013. Trust me, if you like a sort of ‘eclectic rock-funk-folk-jazz sound, or indeed any of those elements, you’ll find plenty of good in this.

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