Film Review: The Australian Dream

It’s incredibly difficult to grasp what racism looks like in Australia if you’re not from a similar country where an indigenous population has been subdued, subordinated and slaughtered by a Colonial invader. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to grow up in a country where many still consider you to be a second-class citizen. Prejudice and discrimination can be implicit or hidden, only bubbling up to the surface in response to a certain event.

Australians are mad for their sport and nothing sets their pulses racing quite like Australian Rules Football. Adam Goodes was one of the most successful AFL players of his generation. The four-time All-Australian was a figurehead for the Sydney Swans, playing a record number of games and being a huge part of their success. He also has Aboriginal ancestry. Daniel Gordon’s documentary, The Australian Dream, tells the story of when these two worlds collided.

Whilst The Australian Dream might focus on Goodes story, it’s about much more than just one man. When he found himself on the wrong end of a major news story, it opened the floodgates of what is a national issue. His experiences offer an insight into the racism which is inherent within Australian society. Written by Stan Grant, The Australian Dream is a compelling documentary about the prejudices and discrimination First Nations peoples have to face on a daily basis.

The Australian Dream is released On Demand by Dogwoof on 12 June.

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