Track: Eliza and the Delusionals want to ‘Make It Feel Like The Garden’ – a glorious, euphoric anthem.

Feature Photograph: Nick Maguire (@maguirenick)

With an arching, aching chorus that is higher than the Himalayas and a glorious, shimmering sparkle throughout, the new single ‘Make It Feel Like The Garden’ from Eliza and the Delusionals is an absolute dream pop triumph. Threaded with a burning melancholy and unforgettable melodies, this is a thrill throughout, evidence of the dynamic songwriting of this very exciting band.

Eliza says of the track:

For me, this is one of my favourite songs that we’ve written. I actually think it’s one of my favourite songs in general. Like, if I heard it on the radio I’d be totally in love with it. We tried to encapsulate the feeling of looking for euphoria and the comfort of being in your happy place – in your own Garden and trying to navigate that emotion through life – with this song. It’s a feeling I think people often chase – whether it’s a happy memory or thinking about someone that you love. We want it to feel like the Garden all of the time, and we wanted this song to take you there.

The exploding chorus hits you like a defibrillator on maximum, while the yearning, aching tone renders you immobile as Eliza’s silken vocals assuage the pain. This is dreamy pop at its very thrilling best:

‘Make It Feel Like The Garden’ is out now and available to stream here. You can catch the band supporting The Front Bottoms on tour across Australia – details below.

Firm favourites here at Backseat Mafia, Eliza and the Delusionals are Eliza Klatt (vocals), Kurt Skuse (guitar), and Ruby Lee (bass guitar) and ‘Make It Feel Like The Garden’ is out via Cooking Vinyl Australia.

Feature Photograph: Nick Maguire (@maguirenick)

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