Premiere: Australia’s Aodhan reveals a dreamy slice of antipodean indie pop with title single ‘Flies In My Room’ from his new EP

We are honoured to premiere today Aodhan‘s delicious new single ‘Flies In My Room’: a gentle reflective track with crisp acoustic guitars and a bed of billowing synths and harmonies.

Hailing from the industrial town of Wollongong, Aohdan (the work of Dhawaral songwriter Aidan Whitehall) has a style that positively shimmers and sparkles in the southern sunshine. The Dharawal, or Tharawal, people are First Nations people who are united by the Dharawal (or Tharawal) language.

Aodhan has an ear for indelible melodies that circle and swoop with a yearning timbre. Of the track, Whitehall says:

…over the years I’ve experimented with a few different takes on indie guitar pop as
well as alternative folk music, and as my list of influences andsongs I would refer back to expanded, I gradually
took more and more tiny pieces of music that I love and have turned it into what it is now.’

Whitehall’s voice is magnificent: soft, melancholy and expressive. Lit by sunshine and cooled by an ocean breeze, the indie pop style is languid and yearning, with a songwriting craft that is mature and creative. And he is only seventeen.

‘Flies In The Room’ is taken from Aodhan’s upcoming EP of the same name. Produced by Ryan Miller (Angus & Julia Stone/Thelma Plum), both the single and EP will be released on 16th July 2021 via AntiFragile Music. In the meantime, you can download/stream the single here.

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