Track: Haiku Hands drop the hectic banger that is ‘Eat This Bass’ (IPON remix)

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Rapturously defiant alt-dance trio Haiku Hands have shared an IPON remix for their aggressively danceable track, Eat This Bass.

About the remix, the group say: “I remember listening to the ‘Eat This Bass’ remix for the first time in a festival transport van on our way to Groovin the Moo in Perth… Mad Decent had linked us with IPON. As the intro came in we were looking at each other, like ‘what is this…?’ As the beat dropped, we started nodding our heads and making bass faces, which is what you want from a remix of ‘Eat This Bass’!”

“The first time I heard the song ‘Eat This Bass,’ I immediately felt the “punk” potential of the song” -IPON.

About the re-mixing process, IPON says: “The words ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ inspired me to create a schizophrenic song. I wanted to make the listener go through several emotions while listening to it like joy, anger and liberation. I added my sound design to bring the song into my universe.” The song remains every bit as hectic with its spirited chants, clever humor and the authentic fearlessness and fun the group are known for.   

Rebellious and unconventional, debut album Haiku Hands released last year – was primarily recorded in Melbourne with Joel Ma (Joelistics) and features emblematic collaborations with SOFI TUKKER, Mad Zach, Machine Drum, Elgusto of Hermitude and Lewis CanCut.  Featuring lead singles Not About You, Manbitch and Onset, the 12-track LP covers the themes of technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary. 

Based across Melbourne and Sydney, Haiku Hands is Beatrice Lewis, Claire Nakazawa and Mie Nakazawa. Together, they curate, perform and work as a collective of artists, engaging and exploring social norms with their lyrical and visual content. Their influences range from hip-hop to pop, electronic to dance, and everything beyond.

Their attitudes towards empowerment and independence, delivered with in-your-face style and clever humour, is nothing new. However, the group maintain absolute originality with their creative choices, taking influence from multiple genres yet still creating something new and different that begs to be heard. Loud.  

Listen to the Haiku Hands album HERE  

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