Track: Adalita releases evocative second single, Savage Heart, from forthcoming album, Inland.

Liberation Records have released the second single from Australian rock icon, Adalita‘s upcoming album, Inland.

The song is accompanied by a lush, widescreen video clip which was produced with film-maker, Adam Harding and is shot on the open roads and vast spaces of rural Australia. Along with a classic 70’s muscle car (a Chrysler Valiant VH Pacer to be precise) and Adalita’s undeniable “rock chic” presence, the clip evokes a sense of freedom and the romanticism of unconstrained free-spiritedness.

Savage Heart is a sprawling rock ballad whose instrumentation undeniably suits the feel of the lyrical content and Adalita’s smoky vocal delivery. The fine guitar work is augmented by the clever use of banjo layered into the mix to maintain the open road mystique that is conjured throughout the song.

Says Adalita…..“It really all began with the first line, “I’m the first bit of light on the wall, I’m the first one to race up the hall”… it’s kind of talking about the fervour of love – here for instance referencing the kind of joy and zeal children feel when their parents come home, racing up the hall with glee. The song also talks to the wild heart in us, how a part of us is I believe, untameable. The other key component of the song was the unexpected addition of the banjo. I just stumbled across it one day and it just sounded like it was always supposed to be there. A real turning point.” 

“Adam and I knew we had to create the world of a wild and free spirit. Like ‘Dazzling’, ‘Savage Heart’ keeps the main protagonist moving through evocative landscapes that reflect and feed into the album’s elements of beauty, dream worlds, vast spaces and the wildness of the soul.”

Adam Harding continues…..“Partly inspired by our mutual love of Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders, Adalita and I have fantasized about making a road movie together for several years now. Over the years we’d discuss scenarios we envisioned for this road movie, and some of these ideas are what led to the video for Savage Heart. Ad plays an unnamed character (who we actually created a name and backstory for) in this condensed version of our road movie”

Adalita’s long-awaited third solo album, Inland, will drop this December.  Pre-order here for CD or here for vinyl.

Featured Image: Adam Harding

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