EP Review: Loome – We’re All Fvcked

The Breakdown

A 5 track release showing brilliant, melancholic and infectiously catchy songwriting over tight, sonically rich soundscapes.

Suffolk alt-pop up and comer Loome, the brainchild of Tomas Frankson, has today released the brilliant new EP ‘We’re All Fvcked’, a 5 track release showing brilliant, melancholic and infectiously catchy songwriting over tight, sonically rich soundscapes as the solo artist treads through the pitfalls of being a young adult in 2022.

Opening with the affecting ‘underwear’, an honest reflection of the slow breakdown of a relationship. Instantly introducing Loome’s understated yet warningly emotive and effortlessly charasmatic lead vocal, the EP wastes no time getting straight into the depth of Loome’s warming, pop driven sound. A lazy, thick electronic beat underpins driving guitar lines as the track gradually builds with swelling synths, deep bass and subtle atmospherics and dappled electronics. A fine example of Frankson’s ability to deliver heartfelt songwriting in an accessible and commercially viable way shines here.

‘hated being 18’ continues this exploration of commercial bedroom-pop writing, this time leaning on a more boxy minimalistic sound opening with a filtered beat and a fingered picked acoustic. As the track gradually builds under Loome’s ever silky vocal, tinkling synths, shimmering electric guitars and bopping bass is introduced as the infectious, swaying chorus flows in, picking the track up with an etherial ease and solidifying Loome’s unique electronic tinted alt-pop sound. These first two tracks not only deliver some excellent songwriting and catchy melodies but also showcase Loome’s ability to take melancholic subjects and create music which possesses emotional impact whilst retaining a euphoric energy.

The EP’s third track and highlight ‘talking to strangers’ offers another dimension to the EP, losing the guitar which drives the first two tracks and instead relying on a more synth led sonic pallet. Joined by vocalist Oktae, the first verse introduces the infectious the bouncing beat and modulated synths under the brilliantly put together, naturally moving and oh so so beautifully catchy vocal line. As the track quickly works its way to the chorus, Loome shares the vocal duty, singing octaves in unison for Oktae as subtle harmonies dance around the pair. This joint vocal serves to really hammer home the melancholic delivery of the track, as well as giving the ear-worm vocal line even more impact.

A track written about coming out of lockdown and reconnecting with one another, the track is both sonically and thematically relatable (surely this is a future hit). As the track flows from section to section it simply becomes more impactful, relying on a simplistic soundscape of intertwining synth lines and always feeling spacious, never overdoing it or making itself too busy showcasing what a brilliant, faultless piece of writing ‘Talking To Strangers’ is.

Elsewhere ‘wrecked my heart’ once again see’s Loome return to his guitar led writing, as he re-treads through a past relationship over an affecting indie-electro soundscape. The EP’s closer ‘game over’ shows Loome at his most fragile and vulnerable, a downtempo mix of acoustic guitar and electronic elements as Frankson delivers his most moving, emotive performance from the EP, every word dripping with a sense of cathartic healing. The tracks bouncing, sub heavy bass and clicking beat almost pull the track towards the realms of trip-hop and R&B as his vocal is processed a deep swell. An affecting track that closes out the EP on a sombre note, leaving a lasting sense of melancholy as the giant reverb drifts off into the distance.

This EP showcases Loome at his best, listening back to his previous releases it feels as though he has really settled into his writing style as a pop artist – he’s comfortable with his artistic identity and knows his sound. Catchy vocal lines over a warming sound pallet of synths, punching electronic beats, subtle yet none the less beautiful guitar lines and an etherial, atmospheric aura of reverb underpin Loome’s tight and perfectly produced, effortlessly clean cut sound, flowing flawlessly from track to track.

To put it plainly, every track the release could be a single such is the level of Loome’s ability to write impactful soundscapes and vocal lines that drip with commercial appeal. As much as this this EP feels like a recovery process – retreading broken relationships, the experience of being a young adult in todays world and the experience of coming out of lockdown, there’s an uplifting energy which runs across the EP which pulls it forward and gives it life. ‘We’re All Fvcked’ is a stunning body of work and a really exciting taste of what Loome is capable of.

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