Premiere: Art-Rock non-conformists Be Kind Cadaver preview epic EP with title track, ‘The World’s Greatest Mind’.

Avid Backseat Mafia explorers might remember this name (although it’s hard to forget) Be Kind Cadaver and their attention seizing EP from last July ‘Post Partum’ (re-check the review HERE ). A set that pulsated to an angsty industrial soundtrack with shoegaze shards and a leaning towards the cathartic chorus, these were songs that didn’t hold back on the blunt truths of the everyday. Never dull, vigorously definitive, Be Kind Cadaver made an impression.

So being the first to share news of the duo’s upcoming EP ‘The World’s Greatest Mind’ is a necessary part of the BSM service. This time around, Be Kind Cadaver (Leroy Brown, guitars/percussion and Distant Animals, Vox/synths/percussion) promise to build on their Ministry meets Jesus Lizard electronic practice with more Kampala beat variations and “a mildly angry Scott Walker” frontage. That’s another intriguing sound melange then to energise songs which they say will glare at the state we’re in “through the prism of the everyday, the mundane, and the pedestrian”.

Champions of duplicity and ironic deception, the video to announce ‘The World’s Greatest Mind’ and highlighting the title track, once again confirms Be Kind Cadaver’s strong aversion to the bland, blasé or humdrum . There’s a shimmering, rock anthem grandeur to the song, the cavernous big chord, hints of fret work trills and slide fills, plus dramatic Bowie-esque hyper-balladry in the hook. But below the surface, lurking under the epic electro-orchestral motifs, a darker story unfolds, of personal tension, failure and someone:
Trying to find a way out of this
Horrible abyss
A world with so much to remember
But so little to miss.

Be Kind Cadaver are a band with plenty to reveal, so stay connected.

Be Kind Cadaver will release their EP ‘The World’s Greatest Mind‘ and playing live shows to support the release soon. Keep up to date with their news HERE or via socials @bekindcadaver

Info on other Distant Animals/Be Kind Cadaver related releases at Difficult Art And Music HERE

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