Track: Polly Paulusma revives the folk classic with sublime ‘ Barbary Allen ‘

Polly Paulusma- Barbary Allen Pic by Mick Paulusma

Folk Singer, composer of English Literature Professor, Polly Paulusma is a force to be reckoned with. Already a highly established folk singer , Paulusma recorded her latest album ‘Invisible Man Music ‘ , a collection of traditional folk songs that influenced novelist Angela Carter, gracefully re-told by Polly Paulusma. The album is a sonic portrait readings by Paulusma as well as guests Kathryn Williams and Kirsty Logan. ‘Barbary Allen’, the new single and video was shot in Paulusma’s house by her videographer husband Mick Paulusma, whose cult indie feature film ‘Clear Lake’ starring Roddy Piper continues to grow an underground following since the actor’s death in 2015. With this pure, eloquent, and haunting portrayal of a folk singer singing a folk song, Paulusma practically re-tells the ancient story of tragic lost love in a way that we feel drawn to her captivating voice. Polly tells us “‘Barbary Allen’, also known as ‘Barbara Allen’, is one of the giant songs of the folk tradition. It tells the story of a girl who refuses a boy’s love because he’s a player; he dies for love of her and so she dies for him, and they are buried in the churchyard together, where roses entwine on their graves.”

If ‘Barbary Allen’ is anything to go by, ‘Invisible Stories’ , the album out now on Wild Sound / One Little Independent Records is truly a masterful delivery of folk traditions and heartfelt ode to unite both the written word and music.

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