Say Psych: Video Premiere: Gunman & The Holy Ghost – Stockholm City

Gunman & The Holy Ghost are back with a brand new video and single, ‘Stockholm City’ and BSM is honoured to bring you the premiere.

Gunman & The Holy Ghost, is the project of Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson. Hákon, who is now based in Berlin has formerly played in the Icelandic band Singapore Sling, and currently fronts Berlin based band The Third Sound as well as plays with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. What started as a side project with Icelandic friends in Berlin, consisting of an ever-changing line-up of members, Gunman & The Holy Ghost now boils down to a solo project for the forthcoming album, The Death of Gunman and The Holy Ghost as Hákon played and recorded all the music for the album solo in his home studio. The album title, The Death of Gunman and The Holy Ghost is a reference to the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

The track comes from the forthcoming album and is a cover of now defunct early 2000’s Icelandic band, The Funerals. With the mutual need for a creative outlet during the bleakest days of lockdown in Berlin a year ago, Hákon Aðalsteinsson and video creator Lilly Creightmore found an empty apartment, and after a trip to the hardware store for party props they set out to making the video for the single. Hákon explains “It is about being alone in a foreign place where you don’t know anybody. You find thrill in seeing new things and observing the people, but you can’t connect with anyone, so you end up trying to have fun on your own, which is a bittersweet and a bit sad experience”.

The Death of Gunman and The Holy Ghost is to be released on Little Cloud Records this summer.

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