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...Heavy beats and fluid flow, a kickin double delight...

Stalwarts of the drum & bass scene for nearly three decades, London duo Loxy & Ink open up their 2022 account with a new single ‘Spray Trains Of Thought‘.

The UK breakbeat pioneers have racked up an arsenal of releases for breakthrough labels such as Metalheadz, Hospital Records and Renegade Hardware, as well as their own Cylon Recordings and Architecture Recordings imprints. Their sounds have been brought to countless dancefloors around the globe, and the pair have held down residencies at pivotal nights such as Metalheadz Blue Note sessions, Fabio & Bukem’s Speed and Renegade Hardware’s parties at The End.

Having already flexed their hip-hop credentials on last year’s ‘Manifested Visions’ on R&S, the duo return with another blazing lyrical delivery and raw production. Drawing upon their influences from artists like KRS One, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, NAS and Mobb Deep, ‘Spray Trains Of Thought’ hits hard, as astute rhymes come thick and fast over tenacious beats and brooding horn blasts, proving that Loxy & Ink have the versatility to work across genres with ease and always deliver some serious musical heat!

Accompanying track ‘Channel’ find Ink and Loxy back in familiar break beat territory, as they team up with regular collaborator, the Finish producer Resound, for a textbook heavy stepper. Innovative breaks and throbbing bass frequencies hurtle forward at breakneck speed, with its vocal elements providing the warmth and soul in this smouldering production.

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Verdict: Heavy beats and fluid flow, a kickin double delight. ‘Spray Trains of Thought‘ hits the spot as serious rhymes drop over a solid break while horn stabs pierce the sky. On the flip ‘Channel‘, a delicious blend of hard DnB beats, swirling synth layers and vocal cuts that come through like rays of light as the bass shakes the foundations. Loxy & Ink coming through with two quality hard hitters.

‘Spray Trains Of Thoughts’ by Loxy & Ink is available on R&S Records from 13th May 2022.

Digital Pre Order: Spray Trains Of Thought | Loxy & Ink (bandcamp.com)

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