Track: Frankenstein feat. Luminous release The Roughtalk from reissue – “The Science of Sound”

Taken from the golden era of hip-hop, Hillside, New Jersey label Ill Adrenaline Records
has jumped on possibly Canada‘s finest Rapper Frankenstein back catalogue. for their new release ‘The Science Of Sound’.
First stepping into the underground scene with his partner AZ, and known as the Delphi Oracle in 1994 with the release of a 12″,  Peace and Quiet. Quickly going solo and dropping underground hip-hop classics like “The Pain”, “Rain Is Gone”, and “What Does It All Mean”, Frankenstein released his critically acclaimed debut full-length ‘UV’ in 1997.
Science of Sound collects together the early 12″ Frankenstein released, and haven’t been available widely for a very long time, having only been released originally on his own Knowledge of Self imprint. From it here’s one of the standout tracks, featuring Luminous on the rhymes. 

An immediate headnodder, it lays this funk background down as the boys lay down some rhymes at 100 miles per hour. In true old school style, there’s plenty of (beyond) innuendo in there, as the boys lay down their prowess, both vocally and (ahem) otherwise, in no uncertain terms. It’s tongue in cheek and the beat is completely irresistible.  

Planned later in the year for release on Ill Adrenaline Records is Frankenstein’s shelved “Agony To Ecstasy” album, but in the meanwhile you can pick up the Science of Sound on iTunes or wait for a vinyl release on May 18th.

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