EP Review: Hannah Trigwell – ‘Rectify’

Hannah Trigwells latest EP ‘Rectify’ has just launched this morning and after the eager anticipation I can easily say that it truly lives up to the hype that has surrounded the release, better than that it has exceeded it. Throughout the EP, there’s the feeling that Hannah has focused on every part of production personally in order to achieve the effects she wanted. Collaborations incorporate multiple viewpoints, but ultimately it’s Hannahs vision that comes across and it really is a glorious one.

It’s clear that the songs on this EP clearly mean a lot to Hannah and the whole EP just goes to show how creative Hannah is with her music. When an artist cares that much about her material it makes the listener feel like they are involved in something special. Throughout all the songs, Hannahs voice is one that presents a great level of emotion and manages to be strong, fragile, subtle and always involving.

‘Hurricane’ serves as a great opening track to the EP, singlehandedly showing off Hannahs musical talent and showing her as an artist that has a lot to say through her music. It’s a great song that focuses on the topic of instant attraction and when you hear the song that’s exactly what happens. It has a highly addictive quality to it that proves Hannah can put together catchy chorus hooks that actually have meaning to them. Proving yourself as a solid songwriter in the first song on a release is a tricky one to get right but Hannah nails it right off the bat.

My first impression of ‘Rectify’, granted it was a basic one, but it can tell you a lot when you listen to something new, but all I could think of as it instantly grabbed my attention is “damn this sounds cool”. The opening tones of the electric guitar combined with a low vocal sample set the tone for a song that builds and builds on a basic structure creating an effect that works wonderfully. It’s hugely addictive and you will find yourself pushing that repeat button.

‘Hearts On Fire’ is my favourite track on the EP and I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. It’s guitar tones, layered vocal samples, great performances and hauntingly beautiful production give it a feeling that all of a sudden catches you off guard but pulls you in at the same time. It really does show how far Hannah has come as an artist. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything up this point but it’s this song that shows how much she’s grown and matured as a songwriter that knows how to develop structure.

Closing out the EP (or at least as far as original songs go) is ‘Tightrope’. This song was released late last year for one week only and since then for those who were able to download it it has quickly become a favourite. It’s musical harmonies that open up the song pave the way for a song that manages to keep up a quick pace but also gives you the chance to take everything in. It has everything from audience sing along sections to moments of quieter reflection but it always maintains its high level of energy.

Also contained on the EP are two live & acoustic tracks, which are ‘Rectify’ and ‘Hearts On Fire’, which are amazing in their own right. I’ve said it before, but Hannah is one of those rare few artists that understand how to change a song in terms of sound and structure but is still able to keep the central theme intact. It’s Hannahs capability to do this that makes her a great musician that really will go far.


Rectify is one of the best EP releases (and my current favourite) so far this year and I highly recommend it. Get your copy by clicking on the links below.

Get the EP on iTunes HERE http://smarturl.it/RectifyEP

Official Site

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