Track: Stoneside – History Of Violence

Texan band ‘Stoneside’ have released their debut single, ‘History Of Violence’. Stoneside of Crane (writer, vocals, instruments and co-arranger) and Wheeler (drummer and co-arranger).

The track also has a sinister backstory, as vocalist Crane elaborates:

“Down here in Texas, there is a place called the Prison Farm Cemetery. After the Civil War ended in the south, people had to give up their slaves, so two intelligent but horrible men decided to open a private prison. Instead of slaves working the fields, this was now a job for the inmates. It was called “‘The hell on the Brazos River” because so many inmates died from exhaustion, heat stroke, and harsh beatings. Even the prison guards perished. They were buried here. This song is the internal dialogue of a prison guard and an inmate, both who died. The video’s director, Andrew Vaughn, wanted to approach it from a religious aspect. Both men shared the same religion, a religion of peace and love, yet here they were locked in struggle and a brutal death that had nothing to do with peace, love and understanding”.

Disturbing and heavy in equal measures with Crane’s vocals being a particular highlight with his deep steady voice over the repetitive piano riff on the verse. There’s a touch of numetal with the detuned heaviness on the chorus which takes me back to the late 90s and early 2000s. However the band deliver a fresh new take with their own unique brand of heaviness.

Check it out, here

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