In these most desperate of times, we all need something to hold onto, and what better than new music from the most life affirming of all bands, Teenage Fanclub. They’ve released a new video for the track ‘Home’, which is the opening track from the bands forthcoming tenth studio album, Endless Arcade, which is out on March 5th via their own label PeMa in the UK/Europe, and Merge in the U.S.

Those familiar with the band will know that essentially the songwriting duties are shared between Norman Blake and Raymond McGinlay. ‘Home’ is one of the formers, picked as the opening track because of its opening line “Every morning, I open my eyes...”, and although there might be a literal meaning to the song, a searching for belonging (Blake has lived in Canada for the last 10 years), although there is a real sense of yearning and loss. Norman says “Without going into too much detail, the last eighteen months have been challenging for me on an emotional level,” he admits. “But it’s been cathartic channeling some of these feelings and emotions into song.”

Home is exactly what you want from a Teenage Fanclub record – check off the wistful melodies, that crushingly gorgeous mix of the indie pop and Beach Boys, and a chorus that pulls at your heart so strong it hurts. And a rather lovely guitar solo too. Welcome back.

Check out the accompanying video, shot by Donald Milne in Edinburgh’s Leith Theatre, here