Track: SOM – Animals

Samia Zaidi

After creating a genre that has been described as Doom Pop, SOM have shared their new single ‘Animals’ which is the first single from the quintet’s second album, ‘The Shape of Everything’, due 21st January via Pelagic Records. Right on time for the heavy shoegazers’ European tour opening for Katatonia and Sólstafir.

“About halfway through the writing cycle for our new record, I woke up to an email from our guitar player Joel with an mp3 attached called ‘animals’,”

says vocalist and guitarist Will Benoit.

“He sent it at like 3 or 4 AM, so I knew he was excited to share something that he had obviously stayed up late working on. He was living in Richmond at the time and this was during last year’s George Floyd protests, so he was front row watching monuments getting torn down and experiencing a real cultural shift. Later on he said it was both horrible and inspiring.”

“I was pretty blown away by the demo. From the first note of that lonely, haunting guitar intro all the way through the heightened tension of the instrumental outro — that was all in his original version, and it felt like lightning in a bottle that I had to dig in on immediately. I remember I was running errands all morning, and in the car I was bouncing back and forth between listening to the demo and recording voice memos of all the vocal melodies on my phone. By 11 AM I had the chorus lyrics and harmonies worked out, by 2 PM I was back in the studio and had all the vocals recorded pretty close to how they are on the album.”

Crushing and melodic with high floating vocals, Animals is the perfect example of the bands signature sound. Grunge guitars that manage to be both gritty and atmospheric over the heavy pounding drums as the track moves into an instrumental emotive mash up.

Check it out, here

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