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The Breakdown

....An audio trip into the outer reaches of ones own imagination.....


Freedom of the Star Corsair

“Whoever wishes the eternal, must leave the temporal behind”.

Cluster Lizard: While meditating on the concept of our next album, we listened to the soundtracks of our favorite movies and dreamed of composing our music for the films. What could the film be like, what would be the story, what would be the idea? What would we like to say this time?

And one day such work appeared and suddenly for us, it was not a movie. The book “Star Corsair” by Ukrainian science fiction writer, philosopher, and dissident Oles’ Berdnyk emerged from our distant memories. We even remembered the original cover of the old edition of 1971, a copy of which was immediately found, as if sanctifying our idea and adding a touch of eternity to the process. We decided to read the book again and right after that make our soundtrack to it.

We began to dive. And it immediately became clear that in the case of Berdnyk it is impossible only to read his works without reading about his life. Therefore, the reading of “Star Corsair” and its sequel “Kamerton Dazhboga” turned into an in-depth study of a unique phenomenon in the Ukrainian spiritual, art, and political space – Oles’ Berdnyk.

From the first pages, the book resonated as much as possible with our ideas about true freedom and personal development. An incredible concentration of powerful ideas, subtly set on multilevel spirals of the modeled future intersected with the myth-created past, in projections of bright explosions and degradations of societies and civilizations, in the unconditional possibility of impossible revolutions and eternal deep struggle with systems, in the fire and explosions of liberation ignited by the freethinkers.

“Star Corsair” naturally intersected with our feelings and understanding of the interdependence of personal development and inner freedom, with the vision of the world around us and the direct action. It naturally complemented our vision of how, through the inner realization, we can contribute to the implementation of freedom,
and then live it in our own lives.

And so, this album became not only music for the novel, but also our reflection of the work, observation of our own transformation in the process, and what new ideas and vectors we will formulate for ourselves and offer to those who want to listen to the album.

This album is dedicated to the genius Ukrainian and free man Oles’ Berdnyk and all
seekers of true freedom.

Check out the albums opener:

Verdict: Deep and dark electronica. One could imagine the production of Star Corsair evolving in a room full of huge modular synths, lights pulsing while two dark figures loom over the machines, pressings keys and turning dials. A wonderful ambient bed of sounds shimmering over drifting melodies and synthetic beats. As an immersive listening experience, Cluster Lizard have achieved their goal of composing a soundtrack to Oles’ Berdnyks’ book and at the same time transcending far beyond its media. Star Corsair is one of those albums that has the ability to create multiple audio experiences on each listen as you are drawn to the different elements within its complex layers. An audio trip into the outer reaches of ones own imagination.


  1. Rays Of Blue Luminary
  2. Spirals Of Evolution
  3. Privilege Of Eternal Search
  4. Strive For Impossible
  5. The Drop Reflects The Ocean In Itself
  6. Music Of Creation
  7. Free Will And Command
  8. Multibalance And Immensity
  9. New Extent Of Being
  10. Eternity Code

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